BFN Code of Conduct



Code of Conduct: Basic rules and regulations that reflect the highest standard of behaviour which is expected of all Badminton players, coaches and umpires in Nigeria. 

Disciplinary sanctions: Players, coaches and umpires who do not meet these standards of behaviour will be subject to the penalties or sanctions specified within this policy.

Ethics: The term refers to high conduct that is desired by the Badminton Federation of Nigeria in general; academically, ethics refers to morals.

Responsibilities: The essence of this code of conduct is to develop and maintain a positive organizational culture.

Transfer Cycle: A period of 2 years as defined by the Badminton Federation of Nigeria.

Badminton Federation of Nigeria is committed to providing a safe environment, which is characterized by excellence, fairness, justice, equity, integrity, honesty, open communication and mutual respect.

The Federation also believes these values and ideals should guide all our communications and actions that such conduct is in the best interest of all who participate in the sport of Badminton.


The main objective of Badminton Federation of Nigeria is to become one of the leading competitive Federations in Africa and the World at large. Badminton Federation of Nigeria is committed to providing an enabling environment in which all players are treated with respect, support, equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices.

Players are expected to conduct themselves always in a manner consistent with the values of the Badminton Federation of Nigeria. Any conduct that violates these values may be subject to disciplinary action.

The following specific behaviours will be subject to sanction pursuant to Badminton Federation of Nigeria disciplinary policy.

  1. Inability to comply with the rules and regulations or policies of Badminton Federation of Nigeria as adopted and amended from time to time.
  2. Use of foul language against opponents, officials, spectators, media or sponsors.
  3. Abusive use of Badminton equipment and facilities.
  4. Failure to comply with the conditions of entry for a Badminton tournament, including the rules with regards to clothing or advertising.
  5. Verbal altercation, physical assault or fighting of opponents, officials, spectators, media and sponsors.
  6. Abusive use of alcohol.
  7. Non-medical use of drugs(drugs Abuse).
  8. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations on doping as prescribed by the National anti-doping agency (NADC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
  9. Use of alcohol.
  10. Non-compliance with rules when on local of international training camp.
  11. Any player found guilty of age falsification.
  12. Players can participate only in competitions sanctioned by the Federation, and must obtain the permission of the Federation if such tournament is not sanctioned.


The coaches/players relationships in Badminton cannot be overemphasized; coaches play a vital role in the life of players as well as the player’s development. Coaches must conduct themselves in such a manner that is worthy of emulation, and their actions and behavior on and off the court must always be aimed at positively impacting their player. 

The following code of conduct has been identified to help coaches maintain a level of behavior, which will allow their players to fulfil their dreams.


  1. Not be involved in age cheating.
  2. Ensure safety and welfare of the players with whom they work.
  3. Respect players, officials, administrators, Board members and other coaches’ dignity.
  4. Not use foul language on players, officials, sponsors, media and board members.
  5. Not get involved in any verbal or physical assault with players, officials, etc.
  6. At no time make sexual advances or become intimate with their players. This includes request for sexual favor or threat of reprisal for the rejection of such request.
  7. Not encourage consumption of alcohol or tobacco product by underage players, and should never be the provider either.
  8. Not advocate, encourage or condone the use of drugs or other prohibited performance enhancing substances.
  9. Respect the rules and regulations on doping as prescribed by the National anti-doping agency (NADC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
  10. Regularly seek ways of increasing professional development and self-awareness in the sport.
  11. Ensure that the activities of coaches will benefit the players in particular and the society in general.
  12. Be honest, sincere and honorable in their relationships with others.
  13. Coaches organizing training program for players must obtain permission from their Association Chairman (should either be moved to section above, or the word Coaches should be replaced with Umpires).
  14. Abstain from consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products when working with players.
  15. Discourage the use of alcohol by players during competition or events while still at the event venue.
  16. In the case of minors, all decisions pertaining to the development or management of such a player must properly communicated to/ and consented by the parents or legal guardian.
  17. All players must obtain permission from their respective State Badminton Association Chairman before embarking on any official out of state training camp/program (except when such is being arranged by the State Association).
  18. Not register or maintain membership of any Umpire/Referee body or Association while registered as a Coach.


Umpires Must:

  1. Dress properly at National sanctioned events according to the Badminton standard and present a meticulous appearance.
  2. Respect the rules and regulations guiding the Officiating the games of Badminton.
  3. Be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to administer the game.
  4. Abstain from the use of tobacco products during championships.
  5. Abstain from drinking alcohol beverages during championships.
  6. Be constantly alert to the possibility of player’s injury so that injured player can be properly attended to accordingly to the BWF ruling under such situations.
  7. Shall act in a correct and courteous manner at all times to coaches.
  8. Shall offer and explanation after declaring a call, if appropriate.
  9. Shall be prepared to share opinions and comments on their mutual abilities with a view to maintaining a high level of professional skill.
  10. Shall act in a courteous and correct manner in public.
  11. Not register or maintain membership of any coaching body or association while registered as an umpire.


A breach of any of the codes shall be visited with a 3 months suspension and the matter handed over to the Disciplinary Committee for further sanctions where appropriate.