Thank You Message From Badminton Federation of Nigeria

Good day my badminton people. On behalf of the Badminton Federation of Nigeria (BFN), I would start by thanking God Almighty for the success of the just concluded National Badminton Championships in Katsina and Lagos states. More importantly I am grateful to God for granting journey mercies to and fro for all those that attended and participated in both events.


To all those that contributed in one way or the other to the success of the events, we are very grateful. A lot of you sacrificed your time, energy and resources to make these events memorable. Only God can reward you for your efforts and contribution.


However, I must specially mention Alh. Malik Anas, the Patron of Golden Star Badminton Club Katsina and Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, Group Chairman Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc & Chairman Police College Badminton Club Ikeja. We are eternally grateful for your contribution to not only badminton in Nigeria, but for touching the lives of all the players that had the privilege of participating in both Championships. God bless you sirs.


Our Royal Father of Badminton HRH Mai Umar Abubakar Suleiman MAI BADE. Thank you for your unwavering support for the game of badminton. I pray your love and passion for the game never wanes.


I want to appreciate all the players, coaches, officiating officials and volunteers for playing their different roles during the Championships, because you all are the heart and soul of the game and the reason for our coming together.


I also want to thank our Military and Para-Military agencies for allowing and supporting their personnel to participate in the two Championships. We will always count on your usual support and encouragement for the growth of the game.


Finally, I want to thank and appreciate the clubs for their continued support for the growth of badminton in Nigeria. The fact that the two Championships were hosted by Badminton Clubs is a confirmation of the emphasis and importance the Federation places on the strategic partnership it intends to build with Badminton Clubs across the country.


The Federation will continue to do its best to reposition badminton for sustainable growth as we plan to organize events such as these on a regular basis.


We apologise for any hitches and short comings that may have been encountered during the Championships. We are committed to working hard to improving and doing better in future events. We are also open to ideas and suggestions on ways to raise standards and do much better, because we firmly believe that no one is an encyclopedia of knowledge.


Two down, many more to go. We are confident that with your support we shall achieve remarkable success in our journey to repositioning badminton for sustainable growth in Nigeria.


Thank you all and God bless.