The Nigerian Badminton team participated in the 2014 Uganda International and Junior U19 International from the 20th- 23rd February. The team of 13 members, comprise of 6 playing adults and 4 junior players, who played impressively and came back to the country with 4 Gold medals in the mixed doubles, women doubles, women singles(jnr.) and men singles (jnr.) categories.


The team won, 3 Silver medals in mixed doubles, women doubles and women singles(jnr.) categories. The winning team also, won 5 Bronze medals in the men singles, women singles and men’s doubles categories. The Nigeran Badminton team is the only African country to win any medal in such competition.


Currently, in the African continent, Nigeria’s Grace Gabriel based in Holland is ranked No1 in the women singles category while the men’s double pair of Eneojo Abah and Victor Makanju are the No1 in men’s doubles. With more exposures in International competitions Nigeria Badminton Team is proving to take back its lost glory.

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